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Welcome to gotactors_still, an icontest community for the actors of the HBO series Game of Thrones. You'll work with the picture we provide you for the week. And also we'll have special rounds. You will have 7 days to enter the challenge and the voting will be posted right after.


1. Since this is a stills community, no animation is allowed.
2. You have to use your own work. Don't reuse tumblr graphics!
3. The icons you submit must be new and made for a challenge. Don't reuse old icons.
4. You may submit up to 2 icons.
5. Textures/blending/etc. are allowed.
6. You may not post the icons anywhere until results have been posted.
7. You must use the images we provide you unless we say so.
8. When voting, don't vote for yourself or tell people to vote for you. Your icon will be disqualified. But you tell people to vote for your icon.


Monday - Challenge Closes
Tuesday - Challenge & Voting Posted
Friday - Winners & Reminders Posted

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